University of Delaware, Department of History


Plagues and Peoples in History (2022 & 2021, one term).

History of Science (2022, 2021 & 2020, one term).

Race and Racism: Global History and Representation (2021, one term)

Europe and the World II (2021, 2020 & 2019, one term).

Modern Britain (2020, one term).                          Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 7.53.05 AM

Plants, Peoples and Empire (2019, one term).

University of British Columbia, Department of History

Early Twentieth Century Britain (2015, one term).

(Teaching assistant). History of India (2015, one term).

(Teaching assistant). Indigenous Peoples in a Local and Global World (2013, one term).

McMaster University, Department of History

(Teaching assistant). The Soviet Union (2008, one term).

(Teaching assistant). Science and Technology in World History (2007, one term).


2021    “Western Constructions of Indigenous Knowledge,” guest lecture for Carla Guerron-Montero’s “History of Anthropological Theory” course, Department of Anthropology, University of Delaware.

2018    “Decolonizing Natural History,” guest lecture for Frederica Bowcutt’s and Tamara Caulkins’ “The Nature and Culture of Natural History” course, Environmental Studies program, Evergreen College.

2014    Supply High School Teacher, New Directions Education, Liverpool, UK

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